Frequently Asked Questions

In the top-right corner of the homepage ( you will find a Sign In link as shown below. Click it and then enter your username and password.

If you had a login on the previous Cardinal Online Store then your username remains unchanged.

If you don’t know your password, click the Sign In button in the top-right corner of the page, and choose Forgot Password.

By default your last-used Billing and Shipping account are selected for you when you log in, you’ll see it at the top of the screen here:


If you’d like to change your account or see more information about it, click it.

To access your Saved Lists (which have been migrated over from the old site for you) click your name at the top of the screen, which will expand a menu and then select the Saved Lists option as shown below:


You can now see if an item is in stock or on contract before you add it to your shopping cart. It is visible under “Availability” when viewing item details:

items-on-contract-screen-shot items-on-contract-screen-shot

When viewing/selecting an item for purchase you will see the listed Availability of the product. There are 4 messages which may appear:

  • In Stock: this item is available in a local warehouse and will typically ship within 24hrs
  • In Stock, Out of Province: this item is available in a warehouse which is outside of your province. It will still ship typically within 24hrs
  • Out of Stock: this item is currently out of stock, any order you place will go on backorder and ship as soon as it becomes available
  • Currently Unavailable: this item is not available for purchase at the moment. Contact customer care for further assistance or to recommend an alternate item (1.877.878.7778)

If you are not seeing pricing, it could be because you are logged out of your account. Log in to your account by selecting “Sign in” at the top right hand corner of the website.

To improve your experience, we now only show you units of measure that you are eligible to buy. If you require a unit of measure that is not available to you, please contact customer care at 1.877.878.7778

Some items may be restricted for purchase, for assistance or to confirm eligibility, please contact Customer Care at 1.877.878.7778


From the menu bar in the header click your name, then select My Account. From here you will see Order History on the left, in the Orders section:


From the menu bar in the header click your name, then select My Account. From here you will see Express Order on the left, in the Orders section:

Yes they are – click here to access MSDS (this link is available in the footer section throughout the site)