Water Treatment and Disinfection

  • ArjoHuntleigh

    Arjosound™ is specially formulated to enhance the unique cleaning and moisturizing effects of Hydrosound® Technology. It is designed to improve the transmission of sound waves through the tub for optimal performance.

    • Specialized surfactants disallow the settling of soil on bath surfaces.
    • Conditions the water for optimal transmission of sound waves and cavitations.
    • Emollients added for superior skin conditioning and moisturizing.
    • Eucalyptus oil is added for a fresh, unique, soothing scent.
    • Enhances the unique cleaning effects of the Hydrosound® tub.
    • Solubilizes and disperses oils and dirt removed by the Hydrosound® action and then keeps them from redepositing on the skin and tub.
    Additional Information:
    • Composition / Ingredient: Eucalyptus Oil
    • Brand: Arjosound™