• Cardinal Health

    For the clean-up and containment of chemotherapy spills.

    • XL Gown.
    • Latex Free Gloves.
    • Mask.
    • Bio Hazard waste bag.
    • Wipe.
    • Germicidal cloth.
    • SaniZide Plus and Fluid Control Packet.
    • Scoop and Scraper.
    • Label.
    • Poly bag.
    Additional Information:
    • Brand: BioBloc™
    • Feature / Property: XL Gown, Latex Free Gloves, Mask, Bio Hazard Waste Bag, Wipe, Germicidal Cloth, SaniZide Plus and Fluid Control Packet, Scoop and Scraper, Label, Poly-Bag
  • Cardinal Health

    for the clean-up and containment of chemotherapy spills.

    • Poly coated maximum protection gown.
    • Disposable.
    Additional Information:
    • Feature / Property: Poly Coated Maximum Protection Gown
  • Cardinal Health

    Additional Information:
    • Feature / Property: Gown, Glovex2 Pair, Dust Mist Respirator Mask, Waste Bag, Chemo Bio-Wipe Bag™Goggles
  • Medegen Medical Products

    Contains everything needed to clean-up spills involving cytotoxic drug and bodily fluid. Designed for superior performance and produced according to the most stringent quality controls

    Additional Information:
    • Brand: CYTA
    • Feature / Property: Moisture Resistant Gown, 2 Glove, Face Mask/Respirator, Eye Goggle, Scoop/Scrapper, 2 Absorbant Towel, 1 CHEMO-Sorb Powder, 1 SPILL AREA Warning Sign, 1 Bag With CAUTION-CHEMOTHERAPY MATERIAL Identification
  • WASIP Ltd

    • Kit contains all the essential supplies to safely clean up and dispose of hazardous spills, prevents cross contamination, provides protection to first aid and emergency responders.
    • Anti microbial hand wipes.
    • Blue pleated mask; ear loop; faceshield.
    • Bio hazard red bag.
    • Absorbent powder.
    • Scoop; scraper.
    • Paper towel.
    • Disposable nitrile gloves.
    • Box.
    Additional Information:
  • Medegen Medical Products

    Non-biodegradable solidifiers for various situations involving blood or other potentially infectious fluids.

    • For use with chemo tainer.
    • Formulated with a wetting agent.
    • Minimizes splashing, spraying and splattering of blood or other potentially infectious fluids.
    Additional Information:
    • Brand: Chemo Sorb
  • AMG Medical

    Reduce contact, reduce contagion.

    • Transforms upto 600mL liquids and human waste into a gel.
    • Traps odour and reduces splashing.
    Additional Information:
    • Feature / Property: Traps Odour, Reduces Splashing