Scales and Weights

  • Detecto Scale

    Utilized on select clinical scale. Offers a host of both wired and optional wireless connectivity for sending measurement data to multiple devices all at once.

    • LCD display screen.
    • 350° Swivel mounting bracket.
    • 14 Digit patient ID.
    • 4 Different language.
    Additional Information:
    • Brand: MedVue®
    • Feature / Property: Lcd Display Screen, 350° Swivel Mounting Bracket, 14 Digit Patient Id, 4 Different Language
  • Health o meter

    For 400KL and 402KL.

    Additional Information:
    • Sterility: Sterile
    • Feature / Property: For 400KL and 402KL
  • Simport® Scientific

    • Dishes are contaminant-free, biologically inert containers for weighing.
    • Made of antistatic polystyrene.
    • Will withstand temperatures up to 80°C.
    Additional Information:
  • Simport® Scientific

    • Excellent for handling solids or liquids during weighing.
    • Easily bent into pouring spouts to enable non-spill transfer.
    • Will withstand temperatures up to 80°C
    Additional Information:
  • seca

    • With height rod.
    Additional Information:
    • WeightCapacity: 400lbs