Odor Eliminator

  • Beaumont Products

    Air fragrance remains active in the air to keep rooms odor free for hours. Eliminates the harsh odors of urine, feces, decubitus ulcers, labs, exam rooms and much more.

    • Environmentally safe.
    • Fragrance: Citrus Blend.
    Additional Information:
    • Fragrance: Citrus Blend
    • Volume: 7 oz
    • Brand: Citrus®II
  • Beaumont Products

    Air fragrance remains active in the air to keep rooms odor free for hours. Eliminates the harsh odors of urine, feces, decubitus ulcers, labs, exam rooms and much more.

    • Non-toxic.
    • Biodegradable.
    • With Baking Soda.
    • Fragrance: Citrus.
    Additional Information:
    • Fragrance: Citrus
    • Volume: 8 oz
  • Metrex

    Eliminates offensive odors by cleaning the air, not masking the smell. Environmentally friendly alternative to aerosol air fresheners.

    • Freshly scented.
    • Biodegradable and nontoxic.
    • Nonflammable.
    • Cost effective.

    PLEASE NOTE: This item is on strict allocation along with other PPE and Infection Control items. While it may be possible to place an order, it does not guarantee receipt of product. We appreciate your understanding.

    Additional Information:
    • Fragrance: Fresh Scent
    • Brand: MetriMist®
    • Feature / Property: Natural Aromatic, Spray, Biodegradable and Nontoxic, Nonflammable, for Eliminating Odors
  • NewTech - Vaportek

    A wood fibre disk infused with an essential oil formula to eliminate organic based odours related to: incontinence, wound care, palliative care, vomit, etc. Use with EZ-Twist refillable casing or Vaportronic.

    • Classic Neutral fragrance
    • Biodegradable - Wood fibre disk
    • Treats 2,000 ft3 per disk
    • 30-45 days of run time
    • For use in EZ-Twist refillable casing or Vaportronic dispenser
    Additional Information:
    • Fragrance: Classic Neutral
    • Outer Diameter: 1"
    • Weight: 0.1 lb
    • Brand: Vaportek
    • Width: 3"
  • Coloplast

    Non-aerosol spray used to successfully control airborne odors. One spray eliminates odors for hours in an average room. It has light, mild scent.

    • Controls airborne odor.
    • Light, mild scent.
    • Fresh Linen
    Additional Information:
    • Fragrance: Fresh Linen
    • Volume: 2 oz
    • Brand: Hex-On®
  • NewTech - Vaportek

    A versatile casing to be used with EZ-Disks (34-7600) to control odours in small areas.

    • Adjustable output
    • Refillable with EZ-Disk
    • Adhesive & Velcro backing
    • For areas up to 2,000 ft3
    Additional Information:
    • Weight: 0.1 lb
    • Brand: Vaportek
  • NewTech - Vaportek

    Naturally eliminate odours with this pocket size spray. Control organic odours from otomies, incontinence wounds, etc in a couple of quick sprays.

    • Pocket size pump sprayer.
    • Classic Neutral fragrance.
    • Natural essential oils formula.
    • Ready to use ECOZ.
    • Ideal for all types of patient related odours; ostomies, incontinence, wound care, soiled laundry, etc.
    Additional Information:
    • Brand: Vaportek
  • Vernacare

    Eliminates unpleasant odors efficiently, without masking them with harmful perfumes. The ready to use formula is economically priced, requires no dilution and can be used in all Vernacare macerators.

    • Premixed.
    • Environmentally friendly.
    • Neutral pH.
    • No rinse required.
    • Latex-Free.
    Additional Information:
    • Volume: 1GL
    • Feature / Property: Premixed, Neutral pH, No Rinse Required
  • Kimberly-Clark Professional

    Keep your restrooms fresh, your costs down - and your maintenance at a minimum, economical and easy to use No batteries to replace.

    • Continuous.
    • Dimension: W2.3" x H4.4" x D2.3".
    Additional Information:
    • Fragrance: Ocean
    • Volume: 48mL
    • Brand: SCOTT®
    • Feature / Property: Continous
    • Depth: 2.3"
    • Width: 2.3"
    • Height: 4.4"
  • NewTech - Vaportek

    Resotorator is ideal for the immediate removal of odours in areas up to 20,000 ft3.

    • Treats areas up to 20,000 ft3.
    • For use with 90-4120 or 90-510-85 Cartridges
    • For delivering a fast, high-intensity treatment to eliminate all types of organic or smoke related odours
    • Durable steel construction.
    • Portable
    Additional Information:
    • Composition / Ingredient: Steel
    • Dimensions: Machine L11" x W5" x H7"
    • Weight: 5lbs
    • Brand: Vaportek
    • Feature / Property: Electric, Easy-to-use, Portable, Dry vapor system