Education and Training

  • Cardinal Health

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    • Brand: ChemoPlus™
  • SPECTRUM Nasco

    Can be practiced just as on a real patient. Teaches proper positioning and movement of the penis to allow the catheter to pass easily with a minimum of discomfort to the patient.

    • Urinary catheterization.
    • Useful for anatomical identification and demonstration of perineal care.
    • Feel the normal restrictions caused by the mucosal fold, bulbous urethra and the internal urethral sphincter prior to entrance into the bladder.
    • Re-designed.
    • Includes a hard carrying case, lubricant, silicone catheter and instruction manual.
    • Weight: 12 lb.
    Additional Information:
    • Gender: Male
    • Weight: 12lbs
    • Brand: Life/form®
    • Feature / Property: Re-Designed, Practice On Urinary Catheterization, As On Real Patient, Anatomical Identification/Demonstration, Proper Positioning/Movement Of Penis, Feel Normal Restriction
    • Length: 17"
    • Width: 12"
    • Height: 10"
  • Ambu

    • Spare Part.
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    • Age: Pediatric
    • Colour: Orange
    • Brand: Baby R
  • SPECTRUM Nasco

    Ideal for first aid arm, advanced venipuncture and injection Arm, pediatric head, central venous cannulation simulator, heart catheterization simulator.

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    • Brand: Life/form®
    • Feature / Property: for Educational Tarining, First Aid Arm, Advanced Venipuncture and Injection Arm, Pediatric Head, Central Venous Cannulation Simulator, Heart Catheterization Simulator
  • SPECTRUM Nasco

    Comes without internal tanks; genitals are not interchangeable.

    • Douching and pap smear exercises.
    • Enema administration.
    • Head supplied with wig for combing, shampooing, head draping exercises.
    • Injection site on buttock; left arm.
    • Removable dentures.
    • Separated fingers; toes; inserted eyes.
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    • Weight: 36lbs
    • Brand: Simple Susie™
  • Natus

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  • SPECTRUM Nasco

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    • Feature / Property: Male Reproduction System
  • SPECTRUM Nasco

    Designed to help introduce the essentials of ostomy care to patients and students, this unit is ideal for demonstration and practice for several procedures.

    • The anatomy of both a colostomy and ileostomy are carefully reproduced to provide lifelike functions and appearance.
    • Dilation of the stomas can be demonstrated and practiced, along with application of postoperative and permanent ostomy bags.
    • The colostomy can actually be irrigated.
    • Syringes are included to pump materials through the unit to provide drainage and excretion at the ileostomy and colostomy.
    • The syringes are inserted through ports in the back of the simulator.
    • One pumps the ileostomy with clear water, or water tinted for exact realism, and the other syringe pumps synthetic stool to the colostomy.
    • The consistency of the stool can be varied by using water to thin the material, and most of the stool can be salvaged and reused.
    • A soft, pliable material is used for the stomas in order to achieve a most realistic tactile sensation.
    • Complete with a hard carrying case, teaching guide, and supply of simulated stool.
    • Size: 18" x 18" x 12".
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