Lung Exercisers/Incentive Spirometers

  • Smiths Medical

    Help patients improve the functioning of their lungs. The deep breathing improves the ability to clear mucus from the lungs and may also increase the amount of oxygen getting into the lungs.

    • One-way valve.
    • Highly-visible pistons.
    • Universal graphics.
    • Oxygen port.
    • Convenient handle.
    • Flexible popple tubing.
    • Bedrail holder.
    • Single patient use.
    • Non-Sterile.
    • Latex-Free.
    Additional Information:
    • Age: Pediatric
    • Sterility: Non-Sterile
    • Latex content: Latex-Free
    • Brand: Portex® Coach 2®
    • Feature / Property: One-Way Valve, Flexible Tubing, Brightly Colored Piston, Universal Graphic, Oxygen Port, Bedrail Holder, for Single Patient Use