Lab Meters & Monitors

  • 3M

    Ideal for monitoring products that run the risk of being damaged when exposed to cold and freezing temperatures during shipment and storage.

    • Activation temperature 0° C.
    • Patented design that consists of a highly sensitive, indication liquid stored in a specially designed ampoule.
    • Pressure-sensitive adhesive bonds to almost all clean and dry surfaces.
    • Self-adhesive backing sticks securely.
    • Easily-interpreted visual result.
    Additional Information:
    • Feature / Property: Activation Temperature 0° C, Patented Design, Highly Sensitive, Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, Self-Adhesive Backing Stick, Easily-Interpreted Visual Result
  • ESBE Scientific

    Accurately monitor temperatures with this enclosed temperature-buffered sensor. Triple display simultaneously shows maximum, minimum, and current temperatures for either probe or ambient sensor.

    • Alarm alerts when temperature rises above or falls.
    • Flip-open stand for lab bench.
    • Slot for wall mounting.
    • Sensor and 10-foot cable.
    • One AAA alkaline battery.
    Additional Information:
    • Feature / Property: Jumbo Display, For Vaccine
  • ESBE Scientific

    Designed for general purpose, clinical, life science, biotechnology, and industrial use.

    • Stainless steel 4" probe.
    • Plastic sleeve.
    • Pocket clip.
    • 1.5V button battery.
    • Temperature range: 14°F to 392°F.
    Additional Information:
    • Size: 14°F to 392°F
    • Brand: Medicool™
    • Feature / Property: Lab, Digital, Stainless Steel 4" Probe, Plastic Sleeve, Pocket Clip, 1.5V Button Battery, With Min/Max For SANSR-L4110W, For General Purpose/Clinical/Life Science/Biotechnology and Industrial Use
  • Cardinal Health

    Enclosed chamber thermometers are an inexpensive way to monitor critical temperatures of freezers, blood bank refrigerators, incubators, block heaters and ovens.

    • Content: 30mL Ethylene Glycol/Water.
    Additional Information:
    • Composition / Ingredient: Ethylene Glycol/Water
    • Size: -5°C to 15°C
    • Volume: 30mL
    • Height: 125mm