Fridges and Freezers

  • ESBE Scientific

    Accurately monitor temperatures with this enclosed temperature-buffered sensor. Triple display simultaneously shows maximum, minimum, and current temperatures for either probe or ambient sensor.

    • Alarm alerts when temperature rises above or falls.
    • Flip-open stand for lab bench.
    • Slot for wall mounting.
    • Sensor and 10-foot cable.
    • One AAA alkaline battery.
    Additional Information:
    • Feature / Property: Jumbo Display, For Vaccine
  • PHC Corporation of North America

    Safe long-term storage of high-valued samples. Maintain uniform temperatures throughout the freezer. Provides superior insulation.

    • Foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation.
    • Digital touch-pad.
    • Three stainless steel shelf.
    • Outer door latch.
    • Remote alarm.
    • Microcomputer control system.
    • Capacity: 23.5cuft.
    • Weight: 804 lb.
    Additional Information:
    • Size: -50 to -86°C
    • Volume: 23.5cuft
    • Weight: 804lbs
    • Feature / Property: PRO Series, Foamed-in-Place Polyurethane Insulation, Digital Touch-Pad, Three Stainless Steel Shelf, Outer Door Latch, Remote Alarm, Microcomputer Control System
    • Depth: 34.3"
    • Width: 44.5"
    • Height: 78.3"
  • PHC Corporation of North America

    Feature Panasonic designed compressors and key components. They maintain the highest quality standard laboratory appliances available.

    • Evaporator shelf cooling.
    • Manual defrost.
    • Right hand hinged door swing.
    • Keypad lockout.
    • keyed door lock.
    • Front-breather condenser design.
    • Capacity: 5.4cuft.
    • Weight: 110 lb.
    Additional Information:
    • Size: -15 to -20°C
    • Volume: 5.4cuft
    • Weight: 110lbs
    • Feature / Property: Evaporator Shelf Cooling, Manual Defrost, Right Hand Hinged Door Swing, Keypad Lockout, Keyed Door Lock, Front-Breather Condenser Design
    • Length: 34.6"
    • Width: 23.6"
    • Height: 26.2
  • ESBE Scientific

    Designed for general purpose, clinical, life science, biotechnology, and industrial use.

    • Stainless steel 4" probe.
    • Plastic sleeve.
    • Pocket clip.
    • 1.5V button battery.
    • Temperature range: 14°F to 392°F.
    Additional Information:
    • Size: 14°F to 392°F
    • Brand: Medicool™
    • Feature / Property: Lab, Digital, Stainless Steel 4" Probe, Plastic Sleeve, Pocket Clip, 1.5V Button Battery, With Min/Max For SANSR-L4110W, For General Purpose/Clinical/Life Science/Biotechnology and Industrial Use
  • VWR

    • High/Low Alarm with Time/Date Stamp is an alarm tracking feature which stores in memory each alarm event, detailing when the alarm state occurred, as well as when the unit returned back to within range.
    • 1 Bottle probe.
    • Stores up to 10 unique alarm events.
    • Rolling memory structure.
    • Memory can be cleared on unit after downloading data to USB stick.
    • Hassle-free data retrieval.
    • Status indicators - low battery, memory full, USB data transfer, and active alarm state.
    • Temperature: –50.0°C to 70.0°C.
    Additional Information:
    • Size: –50.0°C to 70.0°C
    • Brand: Traceable® Excursion-Trac®
    • Feature / Property: Datalogging
  • Cardinal Health

    Enclosed chamber thermometers are an inexpensive way to monitor critical temperatures of freezers, blood bank refrigerators, incubators, block heaters and ovens.

    • Content: 30mL Ethylene Glycol/Water.
    Additional Information:
    • Composition / Ingredient: Ethylene Glycol/Water
    • Size: -5°C to 15°C
    • Volume: 30mL
    • Height: 125mm
  • PHC Corporation of North America

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  • PHC Corporation of North America

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  • PHC Corporation of North America

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  • Southmedic

    • Constructed of durable polypropylene for all types of specimen transport needs
    • Superior ice retention obtained by pressure-injecting CFC-free, premium insulation in the entire body and the lid of the cooler
    • Includes carrying handle and shoulder strap
    Additional Information:
    • Depth: 10.5"
    • Size: M
    • Width: 16"
    • Height: 12.5"